"Module Description"

Champions is a fascinating newly created multiplayer modification for the game Mount & Blade: Warband which allows you to create unique characters tailored to your personal preferences. You can do this through the use of loadouts, in these loadouts you can determine characteristics and equipment. In order to enter the battlefield and join the other champions you must first craft your own personal champion. All you need do is register then simply visit the marketplace to purchase the countless armours and weapons we have to offer.

Champions offers a multiplayer experience like no other we have enhanced Warband by adding new abilities, emotes which are all fully animated, kill streaks, loot drops, achievements, lottery system, auction hall, player created maps and a intuitive clan war system which allows players to engage in clan wars against foes and friends alike. Furthermore, in Champions you are free to craft your champion to your unique style and design that could be dependant on your mood or your play-style. Make your own unique champion today!

"Features Showcase"

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